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POC Cerebel Raceday Time Trial Helmet


The Award winning Cerebel helmet has been developed in close collaboration with Cannondale -Garmin Pro Cycling team, Volvo Car Group and WATTS Lab.


The Cerebel is a compact aero road helmet, designed and engineered to improve aerodynamic performance. Extensive wind tunnel testing and CFD simulations shows that the Cerebel excels in dynamic and varying body positions, which in turn benefits upper body movement and overall lactate clearing efficiency compared to a static TT position.

The helmet’s rear is made of soft molded EVA covered in aerodynamic fabric for reduced drag and increased comfort.

The Cerebel is equipped with a visor from Zeiss and uses a unique magnetic system to stay firmly in place. The visor tint is specifically developed together with Zeiss to enhance the contrast of the road surface, allowing the rider to spot any irregularities or obstacles in time.

POC’s unique magnetic lens attachment system is designed to ensure that the lens is correctly positioned for low drag, and it also allows for quick attaching and removal.


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