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Prologo Zero II CPC Saddle


Prologo’s Zero II profile is relatively flat, which enables riders who tend to move around on their perch find the best position. Its shape, materials, and rail system have all been engineered to provide one of the lightest and most supportive saddles available, making it ideal for both road and ‘cross applications.

This padding is actually a “system” of varying foam densities that have been strategically placed to provide the optimal blend of comfort and support. The system works to perfectly complement the saddle’s flat shape, with the composition of padding densities moving along a gradient. At the rear section, multiple layers of high density padding were applied to handle the bulk of a rider’s weight. The perineal zone, or central section, incorporates a medium density, which then tapers toward the softly padded nose.

Prologo then wrapped this padding with a soft microfiber cover. This outer layer was constructed with its CPC (Connect Power Control) technology, which is a textured surface treatment that keeps the rider “connected” to the correct riding position. This surface targets the contact points between the cyclist and the saddle, providing added comfort and overall control to the rider. CPC panels are composed of small “volcano” shock absorbers with hollowed heads. As weight is applied to these panels, the heads open up, providing a vacuum-like grip that keeps the rider from sliding around on the saddle.

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