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Veloflex Roubaix Tubular Road Tyre



Roubaix tubulars are a real all-rounder for bicycle rides. We recommend them for any kind of purpose. Roubaix tubulars are perfect for racing on cobblestones and rougher road surface where its unique tread design ensures the best performance on either dry or wet road.


Roubaix tubular casing is 25mm wide to guarantee a more long-lasting resistant structure and greater puncture protection: we have been able to combine all these qualities in a lightweight tubular (only 290 gr).


Gum-coloured Roubaix sidewalls have a vintage look, besides being made with the highest quality latest raw material.


Like all our products, Roubaix tubular bicycle tires are hand made in Italy, produced with artisan processing and in limited quantity.


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